Rycom Instruments® is a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Rycom long-standing history has strengthened their ability to transform and reinvent their products to fit the needs of the locating industry. Every locating device made by Rycom Instruments®, Inc. is designed to make finding buried utilities simple, accurate and affordable. Rycom manufacturing and production facility is located in Kansas City, Mo.

Rycom Products…

PATHFINDER PLS ® – The Pathfinder PLS is RYCOM’s Precision Locating System for the damage prevention specialist…

SNAPTrack® – This unit is the heart of our Simple, Accurate & Affordable motto.

The STICK™ – The STICK Pathfinder Locating System is RYCOM’s low cost solution with premium performance.

CLAMPMITTER™ Inductive Coupler – The Clampmitter is a wireless inductive coupler.

The STaff™ Fault finder – TheSTAFF is a simple directional fault finding system.

8890 & 8891 Passive Utility Marker locators – The Marker Locators can locate the eight major utility markers — power, water, sewer, gas, telco, CATV, reclaimed water, & RYCOM’s unique marker — in one easy to operate unit.

PATH-TRAQ™ GPS Datalogging – Taking locating to the next level. The PathTraq app allows for mapping, data logging and simplified file sharing of your locates.

Magnastick™ – MSL™ – The Magnastick is RYCOM’s ferrous metal detector.

PipeTRACK Traceable Duct Rodder – Ideal for line tracing buried non-metallic telecom HDPE conduits, metallic pipes or utility lines.

Sonde point transmitter – Sondes are used to trace the path of non-metallic pipes and locate line blockages.