Anritsu has been a leading provider of communications solutions for more than 100 years. The company has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing a diverse range of products for test and measurement applications.

FiberFox fusion splicers have been developed based on figuring out the needs and wants of its customers as installers and operators of fiber-optic networks. FiberFox has evolved as an accumulation of their experience and innovation on core technologies of fusion splicers and cleavers with related accessories.

Hexatronic – FTTx and fiber transport network installations demand high quality products capable to stand both harsh weather conditions and rough terrain. Hexatronic´s fiber transport network solutions includes cables for duct-, direct buried- and aerial installations together with joint closures and accessories.

INNO Instrument -Toronics is now the Authorized distributor for Inno Instrument fiber optic splicing and test equipment across Canada. Inno Instrument was founded in 2007, and its main business area is manufacturing of fiber optic splicing equipment, test equipment and accessories. Inno Instrument is one of the worlds leaders in its business area. Despite the relatively recent history of the company, Inno Instrument has proven itself as a reliable high-end equipment manufacturer. As an evidence of that is rapid company development and popularity of its splicing machines among telecommunication infrastructure operators and installation companies.

JettingFiber blowing machines from Sweden. Jetting arose in response to the market lacking reliable and easy-to-use fibre blowing machines. Håkan, who runs Jetting, took the matter into his own hands and developed tools that corresponded to their own requirements for fibre blowing tools. Today, Jetting has its own production of reliable tools and instruments that are marketed and sold under the Jetting brand.

OptobitSweden is a leading Swedish manufacturer of a wide range of duct cabling solutions.

Light Brigade is the industry leader in fiber optic training, serving customers across the world. In cooperation with the Light Brigade, we help our customers develop their teams to design and build better networks. Light Brigade headquarters are in Kent, WA.

Liverage is a leading manufacturer of active fiber optic transceiver modules and testing equipment in the optical communications industry.

Prysmian Group is the world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, and one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world today. Toronics, in line with our philosophy of offering the highest quality products and equipment in the industry, works closely with the new member of Prysmian Group – General Cable to offer the best quality fiber optic cables on the market. NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables meet the needs of even the most demanding data communications, voice and video networks.

The Telegärtner Group is an internationally operating alliance of companies specializing in development and production for tele- and data communications, ranging from networking components across coaxial connectors and up to precision turned parts, plastic injection moulded parts as well as industrial electronics.  Under their partnership with Telegartner UK (formerly Quadrant), they are one of the leading cable assembly manufacturers specializing in coaxial cable and connector assembles.

Rycom Instruments® is a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Toronics is Canada’s exclusive distributor of the American made Rycom product line. Every locating device made by Rycom Instruments®, Inc. is designed to make finding buried utilities simple, accurate and affordable.