About Us

Toronics was established for the purpose of offering products and services to telecommunications companies throughout Canada.  We are a young and rapidly growing company operating in the Canadian market offering access to high-quality world leading suppliers.


We are successful because we are always searching for more efficient ways of organizing our business activities. We only assume obligations that we are able to fulfill and we always keep our promises. We focus on the needs of our clients and move towards successful solutions together with them. Our relationships with our clients are built on mutual respect, straightforwardness and openness.

Our wide product selection allows us to offer various expert solutions which, when combined with different logistics services, guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients on the market for telecommunications infrastructure equipment. We see partnership as the foundation of our entire business rather than just a nice word.


Quality and environmental awareness are the cornerstones of the operating principles and management system of Toronics. All members of the company adhere to well organized procedures that support a flexible organization of work. This helps the management of the company develop further and establishes a firm foundation for the creation of a strong organizational culture in the entire company.