Fiber Cable and Microduct Blowing Machines

Toronics in cooperation with Jetting AB offers a range of fiber cable and microduct blowing machines covering all dimensions of fibers/cables and ducts. Jetting AB, Swedish based manufacturer has developed a series of fiber jetting machines in which reliability, easy handling and fast reconfiguration were important guiding principles in the development work. Jetting manufactures a series of jetting machines that combine robustness with low weight. They are fitted with all the functions you need, and you can use them easily without extra tools. The jetting machines are constructed to work without problems out in the field – exactly where and when you want everything to go as smoothly as possible! All parts on the machines are made in Tidaholm, Sweden, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

                  MJET V0                                                        MJET V1                                                MJET V3

As a customer you get:
 Proven performance in extreme harsh environments (cold, hot, wet or dry)
Ideal for ANY outside and inside plant installation
 Installs fiber optic cable over long distances utilizing air or water
Pneumatic motors produce maximum pushing force to the cable


Ease of Use
 Easy to operate and maintain
 Minimum number of replaceable parts
 Responsive customer service for maintenance and repair
 Attention to detail design and uncomplicated construction


Competitive Design and Pricing
 Highly competitive pricing
Service centre in Canada
 On-going new product development
 Close collaboration between sales and factory support

More information about our cable blowing machines and accessories: Jetting AB Product Overview

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