MTS Systemtechnik Now Exclusively Partnered With Toronics in Canada

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After a successful meeting at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Toronics is proud to announce that they are now the exclusive partner of MTS Systemtechnik in Canada.

MTS develops and manufactures customized products for the mobile communication, medical technology, aerospace, defence, electronics industry, the automotive sector and much more.

A key focus is the telecommunication industry, where MTS produces shielding boxes and standard coupling fields. For the control of these products (e.g. relay switching unit), they are also able to offer software solutions and integrate desired program sequences to meet the customer’s specification and application.

In addition, they have a wide range of RF and Microwave components including coaxial relays (switch), attenuators, power dividers, etc.  For EMC measurement, they also supply antennas, LISN’s, and other accessories.

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MTS manufacturers in Germany and distributes in Canada through Toronics.  Please contact us for further inquiries.

Main MTS products

  • Signal distribution systems for own audio, video, RF and microwave, used for telecommunication, radio monitoring, satellite communication
  • Development and production of active and passive components for high freq. technology
  • Manufacturing of mechanical components for aviation, for aerospace industry, RF-technology as well as for optical industry



  • Own design and production of RF-components and -systems
  • RF-development and -simulation laboratory
  • Big CNC-production center
  • Soft- and hardware laboratory
  • CAD construction service
  • Modern production methods like CAM
  • Quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008