The FiberFox Mini 6S with its excellent portability and reliability gives customers unprecedented convenience under any environmental conditions. It’s faster splicing and heating time provide higher efficiency and greater satisfaction to customers.

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• 4.3″ Touch Screen
• Waterproof
• Dust-proof
• Anti-Shock
• SOC Compatible


The FIBERFOX New Mini 6S Fusion Splicer Kit Includes :

      • MINI 6S Splicer
      • MINI 50G Cleaver
      • Cleaver Softcase
      • Cooling Tray
      • Spare Electrode
      • Connector Heater Block
      • Connector Holder
      • Operation Manual
      • Car Cigar Jack
      • 2 Battery Packs
      • Shoulder Strap
      • Power Cord
      • AC Adapter
      • USB Cable
      • Hand Carrying Case

Read more about the  FiberFox Mini 6S fusion splicer (PDF)

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