Quality, rugged durability, and acceptance by many of the leading market segment companies globally have established FiberFox as the premier choice in fusion splicing technology.

NEW The Smallest Ribbon Splicer – Mini 12R is Here!!

Size 122 x 124 x 138 / Weight 1.26kg



Fiberfox Mini 4S-4

Mini 4S Fusion Splicer

The Mini 4S is conveniently designed for FTTx, it’s excellent portability and reliability give customers excellent convenience in any place. It’s faster splicing and heating time also provide improved efficiency and satisfaction to customers.

Size 122mm X 124mm X 138mm
Fiberfox Mini 5C-4

Mini 5C ARC Fusion Splicer

The Smallest and the Lightest Hybrid Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer with 4 Motors. Comes with 2 Battery Packs and Cleaver included in the kit. Full Touch Screen.
SOC Compatible.

Size: 138mm x 122mm x 124mm

FiberFox Mini 6S-FRONT

Mini 6S ARC Fusion Splicer

The Mini 6S with its excellent portability and reliability gives customers unprecedented convenience under any environmental conditions. It’s faster splicing and heating time provide higher efficiency and greater satisfaction to customers.

Size 122mm X 124mm X 138mm
Fiberfox Mini 50GB 2

Mini 50GB Fiber Optic Cleaver

  • Applicable to 250µm fiber cable, 900µm fiber cable, flat cable, fiber jumper cable and ribbon fiber
  • Easy-step operation to complete the cleaving
  • Convenient and quick to operate.
  • Very easy fiber setting and placing, improving work efficiency and low maintenance cost
  • Smart design of pressure pads preventing the fiber from damage by the return of the blade carriage

All FiberFox Fusion Splicers With a 3 Year Warranty!

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