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Ethernet testing – Master/Slave with Anritsu MU909060A

Whether you want to test an Microwave backhaul (ethernet backhaul) or your Ethernet network in the enterprise, the Anritsu MU909060A allows you to "certify" 1Gbps on Cat6e or Fiber. To set up 2 x MU909060A's in a master/slave configuration, download this file: Ethernet testing - Master/Slave...

PIM Testing with Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A

PIM: A Potentially Big Problem in Small Cell Deployments - (copy) October 22, 2013 “2013 is shaping up as a kick-off year for small cells, driven by 4G small cells deployed for capacity upgrades.” Those were the words of Stéphane Téral, principal analyst for mobile infrastructure and carrier...

Toronics at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show

On September 25th and 26th, Toronics enjoyed a successful showing at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show in Toronto, Canada. Overall we were very happy with the turnout and the conversations that were generated from the show. We wish to thank the close support from two of...

Toronics Inc. Joins Forces with The Telegärtner Group

The full portfolio of products from market leading German manufacturer, The Telegärtner Group, is now available in Canada through their local distribution partner, Toronics Inc. This cooperation will provide new access to Telegärtner products into the Canadian market such as state-of-the-art connectors and cables with unparalleled quality and customer...